Telengana State Student Convention 2019

About the Convention

The primary aim of the CSI State Student Convention for Telangana state is to put students in the center stage of Technology and to explore the infinite potential of AI. During the Student Convention, various events such as Code debugging, web design, poster presentation, and Project Expo will be organized. The event is designed to provide a forum for young graduates in the field of Engineering to show their talents.This one-day convention consists of invited lectures and contributed presentations in the areas of Artificial Intelligence. Various prizes will be given for the participants who showcase the best skills. We take this opportunity to invite you to participate in this Convention. We believe that with your involvement and participation, this Convention can be a successful event. 


  • The Web Designing workshop aims to bring out the innovative side of a student by using technology as a platform. The Web Designing competition is an opportunity to showcase and communicate an idea to become future business-savvy Web professionals. Students will be asked to design a website taking “AI-driven human life” as the main theme.
  • The best web design projects will be considered and graded for their overall content, structure and coding, navigation and user-flow, graphic design and accessibility.
  • Participants can enroll in up to teams of four members (4).
  • NOTE: Website must be ready in the given allocated time.
  • Posters are a great way to present information in a visual format. The significance of this event is to help bring out ideas regarding technology and science by presenting them in an artistic way.
  • In this age of digitalization, the old way of traditional poster making has taken a back seat . This activity is to help in graphical and visual designing in the long run.
  • Using knowledge , creativity and awareness to give information or present ideas under pressure is the main objective. “AI driven human life” is the theme to be followed while designing a poster.
  • Participants can enroll themselves in teams of upto two members (2).
  • Posters will be judged and considered by a panel of judges and votes of audience.
  • NOTE: Poster must be made/designed only during the allotted time.
  • Project Expo is the presentation and display of models and practical working projects . It is the idea of sharing knowledge but in the form of a competition. It is also an innovative way to enhance and build interest in technology and its relevance in real world applications.
  • It is also a platform that helps gain access to upcoming technological based project ideas .Project Expo motivates the students as they demonstrate their projects to other students, and professional representatives from Institutes and further, and getting their views, reviews & appreciations.
  • All innovative projects based on the topic “AI driven human life” will be accepted.
    Participants can enroll themselves in teams of upto eight members (8).
  • NOTE: Project must be prepared well in advance, last minute tweaks are not encouraged.
  • Judging and ranking will be based on Project relevance, sustainability, innovation and presentation.
  • Projects will be evaluated by a panel of respected judges.
  • A fun yet educational way that helps build coding . Use the debugging process to determine where problems occur and then fix those problems. Isolate each problem to a particular area, and then examine exactly how the program operates in that area.
  • Finding common errors like Checking code structure ,Checking for misspelled words ,Looking for incorrect values in loops and conditions, Checking parameters and return values are some of the few steps to go about code debugging .
  • Participants can enroll as a team of upto two members(2).
  • Teams will be considered and graded based on time taken, and efficiency of code.

Registration details

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Non CSI-Members:250/-

Note: College ID card and CSI ID card (for members only) is mandatory for participants

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Bank Name: Orient Bank of Commerce
IFSC Code: ORBC0101882

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