Events in 2019- Present

"Well done is better than well said. ..."

1.Does it refer to building massive machines, designing elegant structures,
constructing a program? Well yes.. Engineering isn't a course that is merely defined by your curriculum.
It is all about acquiring knowledge and skills, making yourself the best and the most amazing version of you.
Every student has a galaxy of talents in him/her.
The student needs opportunities to hone, develop their skills and talents.
Make yourself available to work and have experience in the field of true engineering.
come become part of Resonance'20

motivational talk by
  Muralidhar Dasyapu
"Well done is better than well said. ..."

1. All successful people have common habits
2. They all started without those habits
3. All those habits are learnable." The motivation for life lies within ourselves.
The IMPACT Motivational Talk by Mr. Muralidhar Dasyapu

Telangana State Student Convention
“Those who are nurtured best, survive best.”
    ― Louis Cozolino,

PROJECT EXPO: Project Expo is the presentation and display of models and practical working projects. It was a platform to exchange ideas with competitive spirit amongst participants .It was also an innovative way to enhance and build interest in technology and its relevance in real-world applications.
WEB DESIGNING: Web Designing aims to bring out the innovative side of a student by using technology as a platform. Web Design Competition is an opportunity to showcase and communicate an idea to become a future business-savvy Web professional. Students were asked to design a website taking “AI-driven human life” as the main theme.
CODE DEBUGGING: A fun yet educational way that helps build coding. Use the debugging process to determine where problems occur and then fix those problems. Isolate each problem to a particular area, and then examine exactly how the program operates in that area.
POSTER DESIGNING: Posters are a great way to present information in a visual format. The significance of this event is to bring out ideas regarding technology and science by artistically presenting them. In this age of digitalization, the old way of traditional poster making has taken a back seat. This activity is to help in graphical and visual designing in the long run.

Code Mojito
“Those who are nurtured best, survive best.”
    ― Louis Cozolino,

We conducted an event “CODE MOJITO” under X-Kernel. This game consists of three rounds,
round one:Kahoot, the contestants were given 20 questions and through this they could choosetheir question for the next round.
round two: Blind code, now the contestants are made to sit in front of a computer where one of the contestants is blindfolded to write the code given and the other contestants hands are tied to navigate his/her partner.
round three: contestants are made to sit in front of a computer where the display is turned off and asked to enter a program.

Tech Talk : "Navigation to build AI"
AI is neither good nor evil. It's a tool. It's a technology for us to use.

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Tech Talk On NeuroScience
“Those who are nurtured best, survive best.”
    ― Louis Cozolino,

We started our term with the event, tech talk by Dr.V.Rama Raju on neuroscience in artificial intelligence .we collaborated with IEEE Sb Griet inorder to make this event even more larger..Dr.V.Rama Raju sir is a professional member of different scientific society of engineering medicine biology and computing in many reputed academies like IANs, NSI etc.Students form all the branches and years had turned up who made the talk more interactive.


A very warm welcome to the new EB members. There is a great journey, keep a enthusiasm to embark this new journey with us. Lets walk in the path our seniors laid for us. @ GRIET - Official


An Innovative platform witnessing ideas Turning into actions, Workshops transforming passive listening into interactive learning and plethora of events and activities under banner of Technology for quenching thirst of Techno maniacs spreading across 2 days
ie on 18th and 19th JANUARY 2019.
So,Wait no more
Come, join us in making the Event Creative, Innovative enough to Explore Engineering!!

Leadership Building Program
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

CSI GRIET SB members attended the Leadership and Digital Technology program conducted by CSI Hyderabad chapter in association with Wisda ventures. As a part of its first monthly session, basics of c, c++ and java along with Digital Technologies and Leadership essence were taught to fellow office bearers of CSI SB from various colleges.
CSI Hyderabad chapter.

Events 2018-19

Kaun Banega Entrepreneur
"Its not about ideas .Its about making things happen"

An Entrepreneur isn't someone who own a business.It's someone who makes things happen.Being an Entrepreneur is all about responsibility,leadership and especially skills.
Well, what comes to your mind when you hear the term “Successful Start Up”? Is it the business unicorns like Twitter or Uber? AirBnB? Or is it a small company working hard through the night, with steady growth?
Understanding success really does depend on one’s perspective and the length of time one chooses to focus on.
A entrepreneurial event called kbe was organised on 29 September 2018 in the college.The event focused on giving a platform to the students startup ideas and increase their entrepreneurial skills .Students pitched some intriguing ideas

Industrial Trip to Samskriti Business Solutions
Experience is the teacher of all things

Industrial visits are value added learning methods for students and help them broaden their educational experience in a practical manner..
An industrial visit to SAMSKRITI BUSINESS SOLUTIONS,a digital marketing company was organised by CSI SB GRIET ON 14th September 2018.
This visit involved sessions on web analytics and digital marketing focusing on search engine optimization,Pay Per Click marketing, Return on investment followed by interactive CEO talk.

Technical Talk on Neural Networks
“Technology is everywhere“.

A Tech talk spurs innovation and creativity and helps people think out of the box..
A Tech Talk on the theme “NEURAL NETWORKS “by Dr.B Yagnanarayana Rtd. Professor of IIT Madras and author of the book “Artificial Neural networks “ was conducted by CSI GRIET SB on 12th September,2018.This talk mainly focused on Artificial Intelligence,Expert systems,Architecture,Neurons and Neural networks..


Events 2017-18

Arduino Workshop

The Arduino workshop by CSI i.e., Computer Society of India was held on Jan 19-20, Jan 23-24, Jan 30-31. This workshop was conducted in association with AAC, Advanced Academic Center, GRIET. The main motive of this hands on workshop is to encourage the First year students in not only understanding the hardware principles but also use them to pursue mini projects. All the students who are attended for the workshop are the first timers to get expose the Micro-controllers and sensors.140 students were attended this two-day workshop and participated with vigour and zeal ion hands on sessions.

Workshop On Web Development
“Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.”

The Web Development workshop by CSI i.e., Computer Society of India was held on 2nd and 3rd February 2018. The workshop is aimed to provide software exposure to first and second year students.This Two-Day workshop provided handson training to first year and second year IT,CSE,and ECE students.The event was focused to teach students on the basics of Web application development using web designing.Taught some latest and advanced technologies like Angular JS , JQuery.This workshop is very useful

Hackathon 2K18
Inaugural Ceremony.

The inaugural ceremony of HACKATHON 2K18 by CSI i.e. Computer Society of India was conducted at 9:30 AM on 09th Mar 2018 where our beloved faculty, advisor Dr.K.Madhavi addressed the crowd.
Although it was very difficult to recognize the winner among 25 teams, our judges had selected the best prototype applications or websites.
First prize:
1. Vishnu(2nd year CSE), Saif Allauddin(2nd year CSE), Mihir Solanki(2nd year IT)
2. Yashwanth(3rd year CSE), Maneesh(3rd year CSE), Akhil(3rd year CSE)
Second Prize:
1. K.kalyani(Vasavi college of engineering), Manohar(Vasavi College of Engineering), kaushik(Vasavi college of engineering)
2. Manisha(G.Narayanamma institute of technology and science), Sahithi(GNITS), Naga Sharanya(GNITS)
Third Prize:
1. G.Dhanush(2nd year CSE), Tejaswi(2nd year CSE)

Guest Lecture on Data Science
“Ratios matter in Data Science. Dreams should be big and worries small.”

A Guest Lecture on Data Science was held on 15th March 2018 by CSI i.e., Computer Society of India.
Department of CSE organized a guest lecture on Data Science for students of M.Tech I Year(CSE & SE)., Data Science Consultancy and Trainer was invited as a chief guest to give a Guest Lecture on the topic ‘Data Science’. Dr.K.Madhavi , Coordinator-SE ,introduced the speaker to the students and the faculty. And the Event started by explaining the importance of Data Science also explained the significance of Big data, HDFS and Spark and how is it implemented in projects. Dr. D.V.Ramana shared many ideas with students and faculty. The lecture provided an interactive atmosphere between the resource person and the participants. Questions were been asked by him and got good answers from students and faculty. He also gave many examples on DS which made students and faculty to understand the concept in easy manner. The Event got ended on a happy note by token of thanks given by the coordinator Dr. K. Madhavi.

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